Privacy and Policy

Because we adhere to a safer and trusty communication environment, we will not allow or tolerate any behavior that is offensive to others. Such behavior can result in a termination of an account or a removal of the content. We encourage the global community to respect others and their beliefs which are the fundamentals of their beings.
An account can be terminated of we believe that it can cause physical harm to others, which goes against the fundamentals of Africa Dynasty. The list of threatening behaviors can be as follow:
We take those behaviors very seriously and we could possibly report them to law enforcement. We disable any account found responsible of posting languages related to vandalism, theft, imposture, fraud, fake banking solicitations.
We take into seriousness any individuals or group of people trying to take advantage of people in distress. If you feel like you have been a target of such exploitation, please feel free to contact us so that we can ensure that your safety is guaranteed.
Africa Dynasty is all fighting for the integration of cultures and values. Any organizations that are advocating separation between people and culture are not welcome on our site.
Terrorist and criminal organizations can stay away from visiting our site. Such organizations include sex trafficking, human trafficking, child pornographic, porn and videos of such nature, targeting of a specific group of people, hate criminals, any criminal activities. Nevertheless, we encourage people to report any criminal activity that could lead to a peaceful community because AfricaDynasty is fundamentally for a World Peace.
Note that Africa Dynasty will not allow any sales and purchases of prescription drugs, marijuana, firearms and if you believe that you have the right to do so according to your domestic or national law, please contact our legal department to discuss your sales and trade of your products.
When you join Africa Dynasty, you are aware that the global community is the primary communicator in the site. With that said, please be respectful of other people race, ethnicity, national origin, religious, sexual orientation, sex, gender, disability. Your account can be terminated if it is found that you have been disrespectful to any of the group people mentioned.
Once you have joined Africa Dynasty, we want you to have fun and to enjoy the knowledge sharing of the global community. We also want you to protect all your assets and don’t let anyone destroy things that you have been working so hard for days to put in public. It can be detrimental if your creation, innovation has been compromised by others because you did not take enough measure to protect it. We help you by monitoring the violations on Africa Dynasty and you are responsible for protecting your own creation or innovation that you bring to the site. If you feel that you have been a victim of any abuse, PLEASE REPORT IT.
Please do not feel any pressure when joining the community of Africa Dynasty. We facilitate your communication with others and we make every transition smooth so that you don’t feel threatened by the things that people might say to you. We have the responsibility to monitor all the content and to block, hide, disable those of the contents that are violating the policy mentioned here.
We take very seriously the privacy of your personal information which is deserving a greater protection. Africa Dynasty is an incredible opportunity for you and millions to share their beliefs, their knowledge of the world and the greatest love of others, strangers, businesses, and governments. We control and protect those values so that nobody can be concerned about sharing what they have in mind.